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History Of SMA Karangturi Semarang



WITH an initial intake of 20 students on july 1, 1929. Zhong Hua Hui School pioneered by Mr. The Sien Tjo in cooperation with other public figures of Chinese origins was founded. This embryonic school occupied a building on Jalan Seteran 56 (presently Jalan Gajahmada 180).

Predicated to have good prospect, as og September 25, 1932 , it occupied a new and larger building on Jalan Karangturi 260 (presently Jalan MT. Haryono 752-756). On August 1, 1936 , the school was accredited by the government thereby granted the same status of authority as the state owned schools.

On April1, 1946 Zhong Hua Hui School was converted into a state-owned school under the name of Karangturi School (A.L.S Karangturi), located in two cities of premises, Zhong Hua Hui A at Sidodadi and Zhong Hua Hui B at Karangturi. However, the school management requested that the school should be reconverted to the former form of private institution.

In 1949 the request was granted and, thereby the school became Zhong Hua Hui with the closing of the school at Sidodadi on the government’s recommendation. To intensify the synergy for better administrative organization, 1in 1950 Zhong Hua Hui School Board of Trustees was established, headed by Mr. The Sien Tjo.

In the same year, on November 15, to be exact, a student organization of Zhong Hua Hui of which the first chairperson was Tjhie Khik Khien. This organization turned out to be the origin of the students organization (so called OSIS) nowadays.

From 1972 to 1979, Karangturi kept building school facilities such as premises for Kindergarten, Elementary School, a hall, an administrative office, a library and office for the board of trustees.

To comply with the requirements of the Accreditation Team so as to maintain the accreditation status, and to improve our educational services and facilities, a new campus located on Jalan Raden Patah 182-192 was built for the Junior and Senior High School. PortalSemarang.Com


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